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Adam's Legacy

Keeping Adam's Legacy Alive

January 2021 marks a significant moment in time in my life.  It is a milestone of which I cannot put words to other than, I can’t believe I am here.  Ten years ago, my life as I knew it, changed forever.    

It was January 2011, around 3am in the morning when I received a phone call.  A call I wish no person ever receives in their lifetime; ever.  I could hear my dear parents sobbing on the line and some strange voice I did not recognize who was trying to confirm my identity... “Are you Mary Ruble?”.  After the police officer confirmed my identity, he was tasked with telling me my Brother was killed in a tragic car accident.

Adam was my best friend and closest confident.  He was the most genuine, caring, and loving person I have ever known.  Our sibling connection was unique and enduring -- I am forever grateful for the time together that I was gifted from him.  I know he is with me daily and I consciously choose, everyday, to emulate the incredible spirit of my Brother.    

It has taken me ten years to be able to put into words the thoughts and ideas surrounding these events and the legacy of my dear brother Adam.  The words have proven very difficult to say, but the actions required to continue his legacy came easier.  

According to, legacy is defined as ‘anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor’.  Although Adam is no longer with us, my Brother is with me each and every day.  His passion for animals has become my life’s passion to sustain his legacy through actions rather than words.  

Adam’s life work and passion was around the betterment of animals; in the truest sense.  He left an indelible imprint on everyone whose path he crossed.  Adam dedicated his life to the world renowned zoo he worked at and his conservation efforts for wildlife through education.

My passion is to continue the efforts of my Brother by continuing to foster and promote his conservation efforts for wildlife.  Together, with a group of Adam’s family, friends and colleagues, Friends of Adam Ruble ‘FAR’ was founded in 2017 to keep Adam’s mission and legacy alive.  

My deepest gratitude to all who continue to support Friend’s of Adam Ruble. 


Mary Ruble

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